SensoryMoon True 8” Plasma Ball Lamp – Large Electric Globe Static Light w Touch, Sound Sensitive Lightning, Big 8 Inch Glass Sphere and Mini Tesla Energy Coil is Best Science Toy Nightlight for Kids

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Manufacturer Description

SensoryMoon is proud to include our new 8" large plasma ball: the perfect holiday or birthday gift for budding little scientists. With a high quality hand blown glass sphere, a stylish black base, and a 3-foot long power cord, our Tesla coil ball generates harmless streams of glowing electricity that capture and hold the attention of anyone watching. The mesmerizing lightning tendrils dance inside the inert gas medium, taking on colorful shades of pink, purple, red, and blue and even brightening to follow the fingertips when the plasma globe is touched! Our decorative plasma lamp also comes with a reactive audio setting that responds to loud sound or music, making a perfect addition for home entertainment or parties.

Perfect Balance of Size and Performance for Price. One of the biggest regrets people have when buying plasma lightning balls is buying a lamp size too small. On the other hand, larger static electricity balls quickly become prohibitively expensive because of the physics involved. At just under the size of a professional soccer ball, our electric ball gives the ideal combination of sensory interactivity and affordability - providing hours of addictive entertainment for you or your kids.

True 8" Ball Diameter. Other companies online can be deceptive about the nebula plasma balls they are selling. That's because the "8 inches" they advertise does not refer to the ball diameter, but the length of the plasma ball lamp including the base. Rest assured knowing our plasma spheres measure a whopping 20 cm, or 7.87 inches, in ball diameter.

A Captivating Educational Toy. A perfect gift for the inquisitively minded, our plasma globe offers a safe and fascinating way to demonstrate how lightning works. And because static balls are so interactive, nothing demonstrates the concepts of potential differences, ionization, and the 4th state of matter - plasma - better!

Product Features

TRUE 8 INCH BALL DIAMETER FOR AN IMMERSIVE SENSORY EXPERIENCE. The first thing you'll notice when you pull your new plasma ball lamp out of the box is how substantial it feels in your hands. That's because unlike smaller electric globe toys, our large plasma dome light is designed to provide a highly visceral and interactive lighting experience - all at a price that doesn't break the budget! "SPARK" YOUR STUDENTS' INTEREST IN SCIENCE. Our plug operated lightning spheres uses a Tesla coil to generate a potential difference between it and the surrounding gas-filled globe. The result is a mesmerizing static electricity display that responds to both hand touch and speaker sound: and a fascinating way to demonstrate the concepts of voltage, current, and lightning without compromising anyone's safety. THE PERFECT GIFT FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. Finally, buy your kids or grandkids a gift they won't turn off until their next birthday! Our nebula nightlight will make your little budding scientist the envy of all his or her friends. And since it's backed with a 90-day unlimited warranty, you can feel at ease knowing you are purchasing one of the best static electricity orbs around. BRING BACK CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. Take a step back into the disco era with these decorative hand energy ball generators. Watch as colorful streams of lightning dance across the hand-blown glass surface, electrifying any room in the house. And because its tendrils converge to your fingertips and become brighter when touched, our retro thunder ball toy will provide hours of addictive entertainment. SPELLBINDING IN THE DARK. Our electrostatic plasma lava lamp is dazzlingly bright under total darkness. Your child will be mesmerized by the impressively vivid streams of reddish-purple light, and will love playing around with the reactive audio setting. Large electron bulbs make the perfect night light for any kid's bedroom or decorative prop for your dorm room or office!

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